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5 Most Underrated Skills Every Programmer Must Have

These are some of the most underrated skills that most aspiring developers tend to ignore. In my opinion, these skills make you efficient and help you keep your sanity in...

Don't Do this at Work, Employers don't deserve this

I received a call from this guy asking if we have openings, I had my team attend him immediately and schedule the qualifying assessment. He was informed about the assessment...

Tale of a Well-dressed Conman

A Normal Busy Day

Is Time an Illusion?

Recently I came across this bizarre yet convincing theory about time and its relativity to our memories.

Logo Designing Tips and Tricks

Designing a logo for a particular brand looks simple, but it’s a challenging task and can get tricky for even the seasoned designers.

Heading for Headless?

So what is headless exactly? Why is there so much buzz around it in the tech world, specifically pertaining to web technology? Let’s find out.