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The Secrets to Balancing Work and Family Life

Balancing work and family life are one of the most common sources of stress for working adults. In this productivity-driven society that we are living in, more and more people...

Top 11 Design Practices for an effective e-commerce Website

Web design is critical when creating an e-commerce website. Good e-commerce web design is all about using the right colors, fonts, images, words and graphics to convince visitors to make...

Design thinking: A 5 stage process

Phase 1: Emphasize Phase

Web Design Do's and Don’ts

When you’re doing a creative work, the main priority should be create a useful and enjoyable interactive experience. Below we’re sharing some do’s and don’ts of web design.

7 Important tips for Quality Analysts

The Quality Assurance Testers or Engineers play a major role in the overall development of a software development lifecycle. It is essential as it helps the organization maintain the standard...