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The UX of Forms. How to design and build highly effective forms?

An online form is the doorway that connects your customers with you. It’s a digital way of welcoming your customers into speaking with you. So in my book, forms have...

How we increased the conversion rate of one of UKs largest retailers by over 35 percent?

We initiated conversations with this UK-based business in Jan 2021, where they shared their pain-points and issues with the eCommerce website. Although they were doing immensely well offline, they were...

Movies every aspiring business owner must watch (Bollywood version)

There are times when you are not in the mood to read business / self-help books or podcasts to expand your knowledge about business and the skills imperative to be...

Show the Human Side of your Brand

Coca-Cola symbolizes youth, passion and love.

These 5 Instagram hacks can skyrocket your eCommerce sales

Before we begin, let’s look at some stats

Importance of Google Reviews for your eCommerce brand

In online purchases when you don’t get to physically check the products before buying, what do you do? Many consumers turn to online product reviews.