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Poor Mindset vs Rich Mindset

“I cannot afford that.” vs “What can I do to afford that?”

Pursuing True Happiness

There is this saying in Sanskrit: Shanti Tulyam Tapo Naasti, Na Shantoshaat Param Sukham, Na Trushnayah Paro Vyadhirne, Cha Dharmo Dayaparah.

Never Say I Will Try

A phrase which can almost immediately destroy your credibility is “I will try”.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Vs Private Schools

I have studied in both Kendriya Vidyalaya and a Convent private school.

There is a difference between Intelligence and Wisdom

There’s a huge difference between intelligence and wisdom. And that difference is called perspective.

5 Important Skills to Have Before Graduation

Irrespective of your field, career path, your geographical diversity or culture, these 5 skills WILL help you; and sooner you conquer them, better you get at it over time.