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Logo Designing Tips and Tricks

Designing a logo for a particular brand looks simple, but it’s a challenging task and can get tricky for even the seasoned designers.

Heading for Headless?

So what is headless exactly? Why is there so much buzz around it in the tech world, specifically pertaining to web technology? Let’s find out.

Poor Mindset vs Rich Mindset

“I cannot afford that.” vs “What can I do to afford that?”

Pursuing True Happiness

There is this saying in Sanskrit: Shanti Tulyam Tapo Naasti, Na Shantoshaat Param Sukham, Na Trushnayah Paro Vyadhirne, Cha Dharmo Dayaparah.

Never Say I Will Try

A phrase which can almost immediately destroy your credibility is “I will try”.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Vs Private Schools

I have studied in both Kendriya Vidyalaya and a Convent private school.