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Is Zoom not really a safe app to use?

Many organisations use zoom on a regular basis, because how easy it is to use. But, the Cyber Coordination Centre (CyCord) of ministry of home affairs said in a new...

Visual Objects Featured Ahy Consulting as one of the Top Ecommerece Firms

Visualobjects: ranked Ahy Consulting 2nd as top ecommerce agencies in Mumbai.

How To Choose The Right Magento Development Agency For Your Business!

Finding the right team is so much imperative for an online business to stay on top in the tech game. You will need passive as well as active technical advise...

Tips on Team Motivation

It’s always a challenge keeping a team of developers motivated. People have their ups and downs and are always shifting through various moods. You may be frustrated because of this...

Spending hours in front of Computer? Here are some tips to still stay healthy!

Before we jump into providing tips, let’s pause for a minute and discuss “working at a computer for a long period”.