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5 Things Every Wordpress Plugin Developer Must Know

5 Things Every Wordpress Plugin Developer Must Know

Wordpress is a huge community and one of the most widely used CMS systems in the world. Needless to say, the use and ambiguity of the framework cannot be ignored by our development community. Here’s bringing the 5 things that we think, a wordpress plugin developer must know.

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01 Modularity is the King

It is no surprise that a plugin must be modular. The code must be crafted to override the existing features and must respect the modularity.

02 Think from Admin’s perspective

Create admin menu or setting page. Usually, many developers provide access to a setting so that users can customize the plugin easily while using it. Therefore, if you want to create your plugin, then you will likely need to give preferences to user choices and configurations.

03 Security

The security must always be a parameter that should not be compromised. Remember that a small group of hackers can hack a site because of some security vulnerability in your code. Validation of data and only using standardized development practices will ensure your plugin is mitigating security risks

04 Carefully decide when to use Actions and Filter Hooks

An experienced wordpress developer is well aware of using Actions and Filters. Actions allow wordpress to invoke a routine at certain points during the execution of code or as the result of specific event. Filters on the other hand preprocess text before inserting into the database or displaying to the user. Careful use of what tool to use when is a good trait of a plugin developer.

05 Build Test Cases and Try to break them

Debugging is a part of development and building as many use cases for the plugin will help you to find vulnerabilities if any. Moreover, this is a great way to start with test driven development practices while working on your code.

Happy Developing. Cheers!

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