What to look for, when choosing the right learning app?

What to look for, when choosing the right learning app?

Learning apps have changed the study process and made learning easier and smoother. Today, there are a variety of learning apps designed for specific age groups and curricula. Many learning apps offer courses for CBSE, ICSE, and State boards with special preparation for competitive exams such as JEE Mains, Jee Advanced, MHT CET, NEET, and others. Study through learning apps has also induced behavioral changes in children about learning. Children display a greater passion for learning and are generally curious about new and interesting topics.

List of some important features that boost learning -

Visual Learning Aids.

Video lessons make a huge impact on learners. Our brain is an excellent processor of visuals as half of it is dedicated to processing visual information. Which is why what we witness visually stays with us in our memory for longer. Video lessons are a must-have if the aim is to attract and engage learners. Video lessons also help children understand their concepts better.

Interaction/ Gamification.

When making children enjoy learning, the challenge is not only to get them to do it but to keep them interested. Interactive or gamified learning tools that involve children in the learning process. Adding rewards and prizes after short goals motivates them to do better and keeps them coming back to study.


The practice is the most important part of learning. Knowledge is of greatest value when it is put into practice. A large part of your Science and Math curriculum includes numerical equations that take a lot of practice. Therefore, a complete learning application should provide a lot of practice through reviews and tests.

Mock tests.

Mock tests familiarize students with exams similar to the exam question model, also giving them an exam-like experience ahead of time. It also helps its user to understand how much time needs to be spent on a particular type of question to complete the exam.

Parent Log-in.

Separate parent login helps track their children’s progress without interrupting the learning process. Parents can access the reports to know their children’s strengths and areas that need more attention. This feature was created keeping in mind working parents who find it difficult to be a part of their child’s studies or meet with teachers for regular updates.

Dialogue with teachers.

A special feature that allows you to connect with a teacher, should be the top priority in selecting the most suitable learning app. This feature allows a user to chat with teachers, attach pictures of topics that they have difficulty understanding. Most students hesitate to ask questions in class or in the presence of colleagues, another challenge that can be eliminated by a “Teacher Connect” feature.

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