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Logo Designing Tips and Tricks

Logo Designing Tips and Tricks

Designing a logo for a particular brand looks simple, but it’s a challenging task and can get tricky for even the seasoned designers.

In this article, I will talk about the tips and tricks you may follow before designing any logo.

1. First things first, know your brand

Logo symbolises brand, so you have to write down all the important points and what you think about the logo. There is a wide range of inspiration you can follow from the sites like Behance, dribble etc.

2. Sketch before you Design

Put your ideas in a piece of paper. Don’t jump directly on your designing tools.

3. Use Adobe illustrator instead of Photoshop

If you are using photoshop to make logos stop doing that, your logo must be in a vector format. Logo quality looks good and more appealing in illustrator. It is much easier to control the shapes and paths.

3. Use Colors According to Your Brand

Colors are like the heart and blood of the logo, use bright and eye-catching (but not flashy) colors to grab attention. Also, remember that color gives a message to audiences as emotions for e.g green signifies organic, growth; red for the fashion industry and so on so forth.

4. Keep it Minimal

The simple and minimal logo is very good for the long run for your business. Usually, this kind of logo contains one or two color combination. The viewers should get a positive message at first glance. Take for example FedEx is a very big Courier delivery services contain simple typeface with a twist with two colors.


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Be creative and powerful. Design is about exploration and experience. Logo should be unique and simple. Whenever the ideas come into your mind just sketch and go from there. Enjoy the entire experience.

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