Why is E-commerce testing important for your business?

Why is E-commerce testing important for your business?

E-commerce sites need to ensure that the billing of products is done correctly. Then there are some automated processes like the generation of invoices and emails etc. that are integral to the billing process. To ensure all these, the business needs to do repetitive tests on all these applications.

Along with the growing trends and advancements, the protection and security of these e-commerce applications have become more important. And, this can be done by performing e-commerce application testing.

What is E-commerce application testing?

E-commerce testing is defined as the testing of an e-commerce application. It helps in the prevention of errors and adds value to the product by ensuring conformity to client requirements. The objective of testing is to ensure. Software reliability. Software quality.

Reasons to test E-commerce Applications-

  • Customer Friendly Designs and Features

  • To ensure the app works across browsers

  • Security and Vulnerability

  • Different Platforms

  • Billing

  • To enhance the e-commerce App Usability

  • To assure secure transactions:

  • To eliminate performance-related bottlenecks

  • To avoid a faulty purchasing process

Some common things which should be tested in eCommerce applications:

  • Testing E-commerce Application’s Functionality

  • Testing E-commerce Application Workflow

  • Payment Gateway Functionality

  • Performing Security and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Checking Compatibility with Web Browsers

  • Testing for Mobile Responsiveness

  • Checking Performance and SEO-related Things

  • Other Common Things to be Tested

  • Social Media Integration

Important Features to Test in an E-commerce Application

  1. Homepage hero image

  2. Search button

  3. Product details page

  4. Shopping cart

  5. Payment module

  6. Order From page

  7. Login forms

  8. Account pages

  9. Filter for products

  10. Category page

  11. Social media buttons

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