Where can you get cool ideas for website projects?

Where can you get cool ideas for website projects?

1) Look at existing sites!

Get inspired and make a similar project, but put your own spin on it :


  • TripAdvisor (travel and booking site)
  • Retail website with store locator
  • Restaurant website with online ordering

2) Solve problems in your own life

If there is something in your daily life that frustrates you and makes you think, “This should work better !!” Then I found a potential idea for a project! Identifying problems and being able to build a solution to them, even for a small thing, can be the start of many projects.

3) What are your favorite websites or apps?

When you use a website or mobile app during the day, think about the features that make it work, write down the interesting ones, and you’ll soon have a nice bank of ideas for the web apps you could create.

4) Stay creative, and make unique projects.

Try to create ideas that are not very common in the tutorials, such as a weather app, Pomodoro timer, or a Trello clone. Those are perfectly good ideas, but now they are a bit overused.

Your portfolio will stand out if you build unique projects that few other people have thought of.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with what is right for you, using this link.


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