Mobile application security is the measure and means of defending mobile device applications from digital fraud in the form of malware, hacking, and other criminal manipulation.

### 1. Enact Digital Security Training -

Educate your employees about the risks mobile apps can present. Teach them how to recognize potential attacks, malware sites, and! phishing attempts and put in place adequate response procedures.

2. Proactively Monitor for Rogue Apps -

Keep an eye on both legitimate and unauthorized app download platforms for apps that contain your brand name, logo, or messages that may have been posted to attract unsuspecting customers.

3. Only Download from Trusted Sources -

Provide both your employees and customers with a list of verified app download sites, and still be very cautious when downloading a new app and reporting any suspicious activity.

4. Improve Data Security -

Establish a brand-specific data security strategy and policy that requires active compilation and resolution of all possible data breaches. Have your development or IT team implement strong encryption whenever data is transferred between devices.

5. Avoid Saving Passwords -

Does the application require a login with a username and password? Discourage the use of applications that save passwords on your system or in the cloud, as these applications may allow private credentials to be collected and used to penetrate other devices or networks.

6. Force User Session End -

Never let a user’s session remain active after they log out or close your app. Ask them to log out on each logout and require them to log in again to regain access. Also, after a predetermined period of inactivity, log off the user for added security.

7. Go Beyond Anti-Malware -

Many mobile app security resources mainly scan devices for known malware and alert the user with the option to remove any data it finds. While this is a great precaution, your business’s digital security measures shouldn’t stop there. Integrate encryption routines, behavior analysis tools, traffic monitoring, and more.

8. Invest in Mobile App Security Services -

There is only so much your team can do to get the best mobile app security. To increase your defensive strength, you can also hire a mobile application security suite that handles much of the application monitoring, data analysis, and removal of unauthorized applications for you.

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