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Simple isn't always minimal

Simple isn't always minimal

Minimalism is the reduction of quantity. Simplicity is the reduction of complexity. … Simple is not always minimal.

Minimalism uses very few elements to give a stunning look to your design. Whereas simplicity in a design doesn’t look appealing as compared to the Minimalist look.

“Minimal is simple, but simple isn’t necessarily minimal.”

Is Minimalist still a trend in web design?

Nowadays many famous brands use minimalist concepts in their logos, branding, web design, product designs are all using minimalism as a key visual tool.

The design trends come and go but there is one trend that seems to be timeless i.e “Minimal”. Most of the Wordpress and E-commerce themes are minimalistic and they are widely used on thousands of online projects every day!

Minimalism often used with other design trends such as flat design, full-screen header, black and white look.


Minimalism in design is not always simple. We have to do a lot of hard work to give that stunning look to a design. Minimalist websites are easy to make responsive. With fewer objects on the page, minimalist websites load faster. Minimalism allows users to concentrate all their attention on the product or service you sell.

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