7 Great Features that You Can’t Overlook in Your eCommerce Website

7 Great Features that You Can’t Overlook in Your eCommerce Website

E-Commerce has taken over the market for the past decade or so. Every other business is trying to sell products and services over the Internet. If you are one of those, who also want to pursue your business online, then you need a well-built e-commerce website made up of your available product and services.

As you must be aware that the competition in the e-commerce industry is very high and therefore one thing that can set you apart from your competitors is your eCommerce site and the digital experience you provide to your customers and visitors.

Hence, your e-commerce website should be unique and include all trending features like 360 product preview, advanced filtering, dynamic product search, and animation, etc. Today we are going to dig deeper into the e-commerce web design features that will help you do it well in your e-commerce business.


Nowadays, when almost everyone carries a smartphone, it would be very difficult for you to survive in case your e-commerce website is unresponsive. Many times online shopping is done via smartphones and if your e-commerce web design is only web-friendly it just means you will lose all those billions of users using their smartphones to shop. Therefore, mobile device compatibility is a must-have feature for your e-commerce website.

High-quality Images and Videos

Previously we only saw one image of the product with the price tag and a few features, but times have changed now and so have the users. They want to see all the features and multiple images of the same product. Sometimes they want to enlarge the product image so that they can check the inside of the product. On some e-commerce websites, you will also find a video explaining how the product is used.

Many e-commerce companies have begun to use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide an experience never seen before or before, and to make the shopping experience to the next level, therefore, the e-commerce web design should include these features to ensure that the e-commerce website is private.

Display Customer Reviews

People like to see other customer reviews. This is also one of the most crucial elements of an e-commerce site these days because many customers change their purchasing decisions due to the positive or negative reviews of a particular product on the website. So, if most of the reviews for your products are positive, you should see them on your website.

Promotional/Seasonal Offers

Promotional offers some catchy headlines and slogans that can get a customer to buy. This is why almost all e-commerce brands bring in some different offerings from time to time. Therefore, if your company allows you to offer your customers a certain discount, you should immediately display that offer to customers on your website. Not only do you keep your existing customers, but you can also win new customers.

You must have seen the related products or items below the actual product you are viewing on an e-commerce website. For example, if you sell a mobile phone on your website, the related product could be a memory card or a mobile back cover. Shoppers may be drawn to related products, and sometimes they may end up buying related products alongside the main product while originally only searching for the main product.This is a great strategy to improve sales and customer engagement on your website and should definitely be used in all eCommerce web designs.

Secured and Advanced Payment Methods

When a customer makes a purchase, they will obviously look for payment options. It doesn’t matter whether you ask your customers to pay via Internet Banking, credit card, debit card, or payment wallet, your payment gateway must be advanced and secure. When a customer makes a payment to purchase a product from your website, they must share the most confidential information on your payment gateway.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to not put their payment information at risk and they will not have to keep entering the information again and again due to the old and outdated payment method.

Ease of Navigation and Usage

This is the most basic feature that all websites must-have. When a user opens your website on their computer or smartphone, they should be able to find exactly what they are looking for with ease. In case your website is complex to use, only a smart user can buy your products and services and you may lose those users who are not smart enough to open various options on your website. Hence, your web design should be simple so that anyone can verify it.

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