Leading UI/UX Design Trends

Leading UI/UX Design Trends

Digital trends and user expectations change every day. Some trends are getting old and transcending, but others are gaining strength. This means that entrepreneurs need to follow the latest trends to stay out of the crowd. Why is it important?

Customers visit a lot of websites constantly which means that companies need to get their attention in some way and make them stay on a platform. One way to succeed is to build an attractive and intuitive web solution based on usability principles.

Dark mode

Dark Mode is one of the hottest web design trends for 2020. Brands like Instagram, Apple and Android offer alternative themes in their products. Here are the primary reasons for the trend’s popularity

  • It looks ultra-modern
  • It allows highlighting and popping other design elements;
  • It saves device battery power (in case of OLED/AMOLED screens);
  • It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions.

The dark mode feature is a popular trend for web development for both desktop and mobile devices. Also, many applications provide visitors with the ability to choose when to activate the dark mode.

For example, Apple users can schedule times to change their device appearance automatically. You can pick the “Sunset to Sunrise” option or set a certain time to perform the transition.

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