How to Protect Your E-commerce Store from Hackers, and What to Do for Data Leak?

How to Protect Your E-commerce Store from Hackers, and What to Do for Data Leak?

After the pandemic hit the world, a lot of businesses entered online, and the e-commerce industry has boomed due to home shopping. Building an e-commerce website can be easy, but even more difficult is keeping it secure.

Hackers target e-commerce sites because they store their customers’ financial and personal information. Ensuring security on e-commerce sites is becoming crucial as cyber-attacks increase.

A single data breach can reveal tons of important personal and financial information, leading to a loss of reputation and potentially the end of the business. If you want to maintain your company’s reputation and customer base, you need to implement high-end security measures. Don’t let hackers have the opportunity to attack a website without security. You can use the following security measures to fully protect your e-commerce business.

Different ways to protect your eCommerce store

01. Use the right e-commerce platform & Hosting

If you want to protect your eCommerce site, you need to find the right platform and hosting. There are many eCommerce platforms available, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc., choose the one that offers better security features.

Also, when you go to host your business, be sure to use a dedicated server and hosting plan. You will add additional protection to prevent security breaches and cyber-attacks.

03. Create SSL certification

SSL certificates not only provide a high level of security but also help your website rank at the top of search results. You will not only make sure your customer but also the search engine that your website is secure.

Hackers find it difficult to buy a security if you add SSL certification to your site. With it, you can protect and gain the trust of customers.

04. Data Encryption

If the data transmission is not encrypted, it will be quickly intercepted by hackers and access to sensitive data. With an SSL certificate, you can provide encryption for every data transmission.

It will make it impossible for hackers to read any data, which is why encryption of the information is so important.

05. If there is an older database, delete them

According to PCI standards, an e-commerce site is never allowed to store customer information on servers such as credit card numbers, personal information, expiration dates, etc. Most e-commerce platforms allow you to delete the old data store in your database server. Storing such data for too long can allow hackers to steal sensitive information.

So if you want to protect important information, you have to delete old customer records from cookies or servers.

06. Always follow PCI regulations

If your business accepts payments online or offline using credit or debit cards, you must follow standard PCI security rules.
The non-compliant companies are the ones that cannot protect your stored data, so if you don’t want to put your business data at risk and face legal charges, you must follow PCI regulations.

07. Implement Strong Firewall

When you implement a strong firewall, your business remains protected against dangerous viruses.

Whenever there is any suspicious activity on the network, you will receive instant alerts, also make sure to keep the firewall up to date for additional security against cross-site scripting hacks and SQL injections.

08. If you have employees, train them

You are not the only one who needs to be educated about e-commerce security but your employees should too.

You have to train and educate them on how to keep all data safe and deal with security threats, from learning how to create strong passwords to identifying spam emails, they have to be trained in cybersecurity as well, they have to be aware of how to plan for disasters such as hacking, cyber breaches, etc.

Final Thoughts

We’re living in the 21st century where everything is getting technical. The fact that technology is advancing, there is no stop to it. When it comes to e-commerce, the owner must ensure an added level of security to enhance the customer experience.

If you’re able to provide complete security on your e-commerce store, the customer will stay secured and happy when shopping. Therefore, follow the safety measures provided in this article and build a secured e-commerce site with Ahy consulting.

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